Failure to conceive after months or years of trying is a very traumatic and stressful time for a couple. Often the thought of invasive and expensive tests to determine the cause can itself make the problem worse and further lessen the chances of achieving a pregnancy.

Effects of Stress on the body.

  • Disrupts or stops ovulation.
  • Effects libido.
  • Robs the body of nutrients.
  • Weakens the immune system.
  • Causes stomach problems.
  • Leads to depression and anxiety.
  • Reduces sperm count.
  • Reflexology has been shown to be beneficial in the following areas.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • Recurrent miscarriage.
  • Anovulation.
  • Dysmenorrhoea.
  • Unexplained infertility.

It is important to realise that it is not a magic cure and a reflexologist cannot guarantee a pregnancy. It will not unblock fallopian tubes, treat chlamydia or cure endometriosis.

But by encouraging the body to work more efficiently, thus achieving balance, it can create an environment for a possible pregnancy to occur.

Benefits of Reflexology for Sub-Fertility.

  • Provides support at a challenging, vulnerable time.
  • The relaxation and time out brings stress relief.
  • Promotes general well-being.
  • Improves blood flow to the pelvic muscles.
  • Feeling more positive enables better coping.
  • Achieves more regular cycles.
  • Improves sleep and increases energy levels.
  • Increase the chance of I.V.F. rates.
  • Regulates hormones after miscarriage.

Research has shown that over 25% of subfertility is unexplained. Reflexology works by unblocking the energy paths throughout the body; this has a positive impact on all of the body systems. Sperm production can increase and ovulation can become more regular.

This in turn will relax and relieve stress, allowing conception to take place more easily.

It is important to remember that reflexology treats the person holistically and not the condition. Cycles are affected by weight, stress, medication, alcohol and diet. All of these have to be taken into consideration when trying to conceive.

Pregnancy is one of the most important things that a couple will ever do so they owe it to themselves and their unborn child to be in the best possible health, both mentally and physically to achieve this miracle of life.

Dr. Edgar Mocanu of the HARI unit in the Rotunda says of Reflexologists,

“Your role is to enhance a couple’s experience towards achieving a pregnancy’’.

It has been shown that the instances of subfertility are increasing worldwide, due in part to the hectic, stressful lives that so many are living. This is in itself a wakeup call for people to slow down and take responsibility for their health.

There is on-going research on the benefits of reflexology for achieving conception .Where there is no known medical condition that is affecting your chances, it can be very worthwhile to give it a go before embarking on more invasive and stressful, not to mention very expensive alternatives.

Before embarking on a course of treatments it is important to realise that a commitment is needed to get the best possible outcome. Some lifestyle changes may have to be taken in order for this to happen.

First 1hr appointment inc. ebook on fertility  €75

Further ones  €60

Special 75 min treatment with extra balancing techniques for the endocrine system and application of essential oils on the feet and lower leg, fantastic for stress.   €75

Aromatherapy can also be combined with reflexology to support various issues *


Please also see Fertility massage for further details of treatments available.

85 min  Fertility Special  €90  

This is a wonderful combination of massage, reflexology & reiki with hot stone placement. It Induces deep relaxation, the hot stones increase circulation in the abdomen and are also used on key reflex points on the feet. Reiki at the end  helps clear energy pathways and emotional blockages.y


Reflexology is now covered by most health providers. Please check your policy for details.

If you would like details of a treatment plan feel free to email or call me.

Total confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.