Duration: 1hr  €60

020131_1292_0163_lslsThe concept of holistic massage is to provide a treatment which involves the whole person, mind, body and spirit. It aims to treat each person individually and bring the body back into balance. (homeostasis). The strokes used are based on those developed by Pehr Henrich Ling (1776-1839). He devised a series of both active and passive techniques which include effleurage, petrissage,tapotement, frictions and vibrations.

These can be mainly relaxing or stimulating depending on the client’s wishes. This has an immediate local and physiological effect on the part of the body been worked. This in turn affects the whole body by the stimulating and relaxing of the neural pathways.

A  consultation will be carried out first to rule out any contraindications.

At the moment holistic massage is available for ladies only.