1398768841819Fertility/ Digestive massage is a wonderful therapy for digestive and fertility issues. Along with massage techniques it brings together many other aspects of healing, many going back hundreds of years. These include reflexology,  energy healing, acupressure and trigger point work.

The main focus of this massage is the abdomen and lower back and sacrum. These areas are closely linked and many fertility issues can be traced to disorders in the digestive system. This massage increases circulation, thereby boosting the immune system and helping in the elimination of toxic waste.

Immunity, digestion and fertility are closely linked. An immune system that is not balanced is said to be a huge factor in unexplained infertility and up to 80% of miscarriages. Digestion problems can result in absorption issues so many vitamins and minerals which are essential for conception are lacking.

Our reproductive organs are the only dispensable organs in the body and can shut down if the body is not functioning at an optimal level. This is to allow the rest of the body’s essential organs to work properly. The result of this is a failure to conceive.

Through the many techniques used in this therapy circulation is increased to the reproductive organs and digestive system. This in turn allows the body to get rid of a build-up of waste and stagnation. It promotes hormonal balance, breaks down scar tissue and increases a feeling of wellbeing as the body is brought back into balance. Hot stones may also be used on the abdomen and lower back.

Stress levels are greatly reduced which is also one of the leading causes of unexplained infertility. Stress stored in the body triggers a negative hormonal response which is detrimental when trying to conceive.

The treatment is very gentle and non-invasive and induces deep relaxation in the client. Better sleep and reduced anxiety are noticeable after the first session in most people. It is highly recommended by most Fertility clinics to have a course of reflexology before IVF to increase the chances of success. Combining it with this massage therapy and using specific techniques would also be very helpful for such clients.

Conditions helped by Fertility/Digestive Massage

Reproductive complaints: PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Cysts, Irregular Cycles, Poor Egg health, Unexplained Infertility, PMS, Lack of ovulation.

Digestive complaints: Constipation, Bloating, IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease.

Stress: Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse, Suppressed feelings, Depression.

Please see www.fertilitymassage.co.uk for further details. I did my training with Clare Blake and am a listed practitioner on her site.

Female clients only*

 1hr :    €70

Fertility Special 80 mins                       €90

An extremely relaxing treatment which includes fertility massage,hot stones,reflexology & reiki. All designed to bring the body back into balance, so making conditions for  conception more favourable.                                                                             

A wonderful combination of therapies to induce relaxation. The hot stones increase circulation in the abdomen and are also used on key reflex points on the feet. Reiki helps in clearing the energy pathways and emotional blockages.