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Regular treatments of complementary therapies during pregnancy can result in reduced stress levels in mothers; it can also alleviate a lot of the common ailments unique to pregnancy like backache, morning sickness, reduced energy levels, disrupted sleep, fluid retention to name but a few.

Babies can also be much calmer as the treatments have a knock on effect on them as well. The growing fetus always picks up on the Mother’s emotions so a relaxed Mother makes a relaxed baby. It is very beneficial in the last few weeks of pregnancy when sleep is difficult due to the growing size of the baby, also when the Mother is stress free she has a greater chance of going into labour as her cortisol levels are lower.

Regular reflexology has been shown to reduce the length of labour in a lot of cases, and a better ability to cope with pain, thus reducing the need for excessive pain relief which also affects the baby.

REFLEXOLOGY          1 Hr      €55

One hour focusing on key reflex points appropriate to your stage of pregnancy.

All treatments include a full consultation at first appointment.

 Prepare for labour.                                               €55

Post Pregnancy Hormonal Balance.                    €55


I hr: Full body massage.                                       €55

Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology 80 mins .  €75